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Culturally speaking, long thick hair is seen as a sign of good health, fertility, and youth. Be it long or short, every woman at every age wants a full healthy head of hair. Enter the world of hair extensions. Maybe it’s just another trend? I don’t think so. Extensions are here to stay.

Extensions are phenomenal for the client who desires instant fullness and/or length. Turn short or shoulder length hair into long flowing locks. Transform thin flat hair to voluminous beauty. As your extension specialist, I will consult with you to determine which method is right for your hair as well as your budget. Budget? You should know good hair extensions are not cheap. Quality hair, proper tools, and technique will provide long-lasting, beautiful results, which in the long run saves you money. I can’t count how many times I have had to fix botched work while trying to salvage trashed hair. I don’t want you to be a victim of a Groupon special.

A common question I get regarding hair extensions is will extensions ruin my hair or make my hair fall out? The answer is no, it shouldn’t. With proper application and maintenance, your hair will not be damaged and will maintain its health and beauty. Conversely, with an improper application, removal and poor home maintenance, damage can occur. I will go over proper home care instructions to preserve the style and extensions themselves, along with your natural hair. I will educate you on which styling tools such as the correct brush, correct brushing technique (scalp to ends gently, no tension), how to wear your hair while you sleep properly (low ponytail or braid) and proper products so that tangling is non-to minimal.

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As an extension specialist, I use only SHE by SoCap. SHE by SoCap is the leading hair extension manufacturer worldwide. The importance of good quality human hair is to preserve your natural hair texture and prevent your hair from tangling. Tangling equals hair damage. It is available in over 90 different color choices, multiple texture choices including straight, wavy and curly, as well as an assortment of lengths. A variety of attachment techniques are available as well. Used most often are the keratin tipped strand-by-strand bonding. This allows the hair to blend perfectly giving the hair its most natural look. Clip-in and Tape-ins are other options to consider.

Whatever you decide, I will provide an in-depth extension consultation to ensure I fully understand what you want your result to look like, teach you how to maintain your new locks and answer all of your questions, so you have a great experience from start to finish.